Omega studio

This is a completely renovated 350 square foot space with modern finishes. This space is perfect for yoga, fitness/pilates classes, acupuncture, massage, nail salon, or small meetings.

Available now! Please email sherwood3am@gmail for more information.

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Jo Pfaff

Licensed Massage Therapist


Hi ,

I’m Jo Pfaff the owner of Columbine Massage LLC. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Colorado native. I started my journey with massage when my vision started to deteriorate even more and I knew I needed to find a way to support myself even when I lost my sight. What I found was MY PASSION!

I want to provide quality massage by focusing on what will be best for each individual client, to achieve an overall feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. I will focus on the modalities that I feel can help clients reach this such as;

  • Swedish (relaxation)

  • Lymphatic Drainage (immunity health)

  • Neuromuscular/Deep Tissue (specific muscle focus)

  • Reflexology & Shiatsu (energy focused technique that helps reach injured or unhealthy organs and their functions)

I will strive to make every massage experience unique and specific to each client. I want my clients to recognize the preventative qualities of massage and act on it. I look forward to creating a long and lasting relationship of wellness through mind, body, and spirit.

My availability in Hugo at the Omega center can be found below. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dream.